A person responsible for the creation or maintenance of websites for numerous companies, organizations.

Since 2010 I have written code and designed websites + applications at startups including Patreon, Expo, and Protocol Labs. I also manage talent at Internet Development Studio and I am a partner at Mana Industries.

ITXT.DEVWEBSITETXT is a writing and diagraming tool for technical ideas in development.
IIMANA.INCWEBSITEMana Industries (“Mana”) is a venture firm focused on investing in the critical technologies we see necessary to improving the quality of human life and progress over the coming decades.
IIISET.WORLDWEBSITESet is a fantasy role playing world where anyone can query and generate the entities inside of the world and reference them anywhere.
IVMARBLE.PLACEWEBSITEA game about world design and marble collection.
VMYSTICS.APPWEBSITESimple stock and crypto portfolios and analysis.
VISACRED.COMPUTERWEBSITEA concept for questions brought before a committee powered by GPT4.
VIIINTERNET.DEVWEBSITEInternet Development Studio is an engineering and design team based out of Seattle, WA. We design, brand, market and code.
VIIIREADING.SUPPLYWEBSITEReading Supply is a writing and discussion platform. We aim to be the home for: essays, criticism, manifestos, fiction, diaries, scripts, blog posts and white papers.
IXWWW-REACT-POSTGRESTEMPLATEA complete template for 2022 focused on around React, Postgres and other things people tend to want when choosing between Web2 and Web3.
XNEXT-POSTGRESTEMPLATEA minimal example web application using NextJS 12.0.7, Postgres 11, Google OAuth2 and other useful libraries.
XINEXT-EXPRESS-EMOTIONTEMPLATEEasy way to setup NextJS 12.0.7, React 17.0.2, Express 4.17.2, and @emotion/react 11.7.1 locally. This is a CSS-in-JS setup that feels like writing CSS still.
XIINEXT-SASSTEMPLATEA minimal dependency template used to start simple websites using NextJS/React. This website uses this boilerplate.